Shanna Riley: (Everything You Want to Know About Shanna Riley)

Her husband, Roman Atwood, is well-known. The article discussed everything you need to know about Riley. You should read on.

What Does Shanna Riley Look Like?

A brunette with a pale complexion, gorgeous gray eyes, and golden brown hair, is named Shanna Riley She is not on any of the social media platforms. She is very private and prefers to keep her life off of the media.

When and Where was Shanna Riley Born?

Shanna’s birthname was Shanna Janette Riley before she married Roman. Even though we don’t know exactly where she was born, we doubt that her birthplace is Utah. She celebrates her birthday on February 21 every year. 

Is Shanna Riley Older Than Her Ex-husband?

Based on the evidence we have so far provided, Shanna Riley is a few months older than her ex-husband. Both Roman and Shanna were born in the same year (1983).

Although Roman was born on May 28 and Shanna on February 21 – making her just a few months older than Roman. 

“According to some sources, the beginning of the end of her and Roman’s marriage was due to the affair that she had with a guy. A member of Roman’s production team was identified as the person who was thought to have an affair with Shanna.”

Roman filed for divorce as soon as she found out she was having an affair. On November 17, 2001, a young couple who were both 18 years old ended their marriage. A decade was what it had.

Riley’s Personal Life

Shanna Riley is single and divorced when we talk about her personal life. Shanna Riley’s husband, Roman Atwood, was her high school love.

Roman and Shanna Riley were married on November 17, 2001, after Shanna graduated from high school. At the time of their marriage, they were both in love with one other. Noah Atwood was born on October 18, 2004, after Shanna and Roman married for three years.

Her ex-husband, Roman, is on a video-sharing website. Roman claimed that his wife cheated on him when he was away on vacation. According to the reports, Shanna was having an affair with a coworker who was also a producer. The producers had a good relationship with both of them. There was a divorce petition filed by her spouse.

A quick overview of the web.

Full Name Shanna Riley
First Name Shanna
Last Name Riley
Date of Birth February 21, 1983
Age 38 years
Profession Social Media Personality
Nationality American
Ethnicity North American
Birth City Utah
Birth Country United States
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Pisces
Marital Status Divorced
No Of Children 1
Net worth $12 M

The Shanna-Roman Relationship

The Shanna-Roman relationship did not continue long enough for the public to learn. So, most people wanted to know more about Shanna Riley.

“The facts about the ex-wife of Roman Atwood are the focus of this article. Let’s take a quick look at Roman’s life, as he is the one who helped Shanna become such a well-known person.”

Roman Atwood – Shanna Riley’s Husband

He was born on May 28, 1983. He was born in Millersport, Ohio. His interest in filmmaking can be dated back to his high school years, although he has been a Streamy Award winner and nominee. He introduced a new product line.

Roman is a comedian, a pranker, and a YouTube star Roman posts films of his day-to-day activities and plays pranks on other people Roman has started posting prank videos.

It is thought that he has more than 25 million members on his channels and that he is on the verge of 7 billion views. Mr. Atwood is a well-known actor and producer as well as a well-known YouTuber.

Day Dreams is one of his latest works. He produced and directed the film Born Natural Pranksters. The television show Sevenbucks Digital Studios had him as a cast member.

Shanna Riley’s Married Life

We’ve learned a little about Roman Atwood already. Shanna Riley married Roman Atwood in Licking County, Ohio, on November 17, 2001.

The couple dated for two years before they tied the knot The couple wed at the early age of 18 and decided not to have a family at that time The couple wanted to have a family after three years of marriage.

On October 18, 2004, Shanna gave birth to Noah Vaughn Atwood. Noah was Shanna’s only child. While Shanna Riley’s husband was away on vacation, her cheating on Roman ruined the three-person family’s peaceful life. 

Roman learned in 2008 that his wife had an extramarital relationship with his colleague. The divorce proceedings began a year after he filed for divorce.

The divorce was concluded in 2011. The court did not grant complete Roman custody of their son. The child was under the care of both of them. Roman may keep him on the weekends while he is with his wife.

Roman was given custody of his child on October 10. His ex-wife was allowed to spend time with his child.

As he waited for the decision of his divorce, Roman fell in love with a woman. Their first child of them was born on October 23, 2011.

They welcomed a baby into the world on July 16th. He has three children with him. Roman wrote this caption in one of his pictures. Even after their divorce was finalized, they fought. Roman called his ex-wife a “Bitch” and was upset with her.

Shanna Riley’s Children

Even though they no longer have feelings for each other, Roman and Shanna have a close connection to their son, Noah. His family has two children. On October 23, 2011, and July 16, 2017, the woman Roman was seeing gave birth to them.

Shanna Riley and Roman were given shared custody after a protracted legal battle over who would have custody of their kid. She was able to get a court order stopping Roman from using Noah in his films once. This was merely temporary.  

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What Does Roman Think About Shanna Riley Now?

You would think a guy would respect the woman who is the mother of his child. You may have expected this to be true, but it is not. Roman called his ex-wife a “bitch” when he found out that she was having an affair.

Shanna Riley’s Professional Life

It is impossible to know what Shanna has been doing since her marriage ended. It’s unclear what she does for a living or whether she’s involved in any personal relationship at this time.

She’s slowly fading into oblivion. Likewise, when it comes to her ethnicity or religion, she is Caucasian or a Christian; it is not confirmed either.

In addition, no information about Shanna Riley’s Mother or father is available if we search about Shanna Riley Wikipedia information. Similarly, we are also unaware of Shanna Riley’s siblings.

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