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About Emily Black

Emily entertains 987,000 followers by uploading sexy photographs. I covered a brief biography of this young celebrity.

Emily Black’s Biography (Early Life, School & Education)

Emily Black’s Birthday

Emily Black Wiki – This online personality celebrates her birthday on the 19th of April which makes her Aries when we talk about sun signs.

Her birth year is said to be 2000 and her birthplace is England, The United Kingdom. Emily Black just turned 21 years old, as of 2021.

The best overall compatibility for people with the fire element is said to be with the two stars. In order to study entomology and zoology at the University, Black worked very hard in school.

Emily Black studied entomology and zoology at University for a while

She danced in a club in her hometown for two months during college. Emily Black created her official account on the Onlyfans account because, at this particular time, she decided to take her modeling passion to next level and be more creative with it.

After she received little recognization on the platform and thought to build her career on the various social media websites, she quit University to pursue her passion.

Emily Black has a birthday, age, weight, and height.

Real Full Name Emily Black.
Occupation Digital Content Creator.
Famous For having huge fan-following on YouTube and Instagram.
Date of Birth 19th of April 2000 (Wednesday).
Place of Birth England, The United States of America.
Age (as of 2021) 21 years old.
Zodiac Sign Aries.
Religion Christianity.
Nationality British.
Ethnicity White.
Gender Female.
Sexuality Heterosexual.
Weight (approx.) Pounds: 110 lb.
Kilograms: 50 kg.
Hair Color Brown.
Eye Color Hazel.
Body Type Hourglass.
Height (approx.) Feet & Inches: 5′ 3″
Centimeters: 161 cm.
Meters: 1.61 m.
Emily Black Height & Weight
Tattoos? Two tattoos.
1. On the right thigh.
2. Under the left rib.
Emily Black tattoos
Education High School Graduate.
University drop-out.
Net worth (as of 2021) $250,000 US Dollars, approx.

Emily Black’s Family (Ethnicity, Background & Nationality)

Emily Black Biography – On January 27, 2021, she introduced her mother to her YouTube audience and the title of the video was “My MUM Reacts To My XXX CONTENT… (this was a bad idea)”. Emily explained that her mom only knows that she works in the glamour industry and does YouTube videos.

Emily Black mother was featured in one of her videos

“After seeing some of the semi-nude pictures from her Onlyfans account, her mom got nervous and came to know about her Onlyfans account. She told her daughter that she doesn’t mind her career choices if she is happy and safe.”

Emily Black is very close to her mom
Emily Black’s mom

“The details of Emily Black’s father are not available on her social media account. She holds a British Nationality.”

Emily Black’s Father, Mother, Sister & Brother

Father’s Name Mr. Black.
Mother’s Name Mrs. Black.
Brother Not Known.
Sister Not Known.

Emily Black Career, Onlyfans & Modeling

Emily Black and her friend Rhiannon Blue Taylor posing for an Instagram picture

While studying at the University, this personality uploaded her modeling pictures to Onlyfans. Users of this platform have to pay monthly fees in order to see exclusive pictures of their favorite models.

Emily Black British Digital Content Creator who has thousands of followers on Instagram and YouTube as of April 2021

Black gained huge popularity because of her sexy body and beautiful face. She left the college to focus on modeling full time. Within a few days, her official account blew up, after she also created her official account.

Emily Black Instagram has over 387+ K followers as of April 2021

It has over 400K followers and only 78 posts. On May 16, 2020, Emily Black uploaded her very first video about her personal life.

Emily Black made her debut on Youtube on on September 28, 2020

Her huge fan-following on the Onlyfans account helped pick up the content. Within a few days, it received more than 394+K views.


View this post on Instagram


A post was shared by Emily Black.


Emily Black Instagram, Youtube & Content Creation

Emily Black YouTube channel

Emily uploads videos such as assumption videos, reacting content, Q n A, prank, bikini haul, and much more.

Emily Black uploads videos such as assumption videos, reacting content, Q n A, pranks, bikini haul, viral game challenge videos, and much more

One fall is the most- watched video on her channel. On September 28, 2020, there was a challenge called the Extreme Fall Guts 1P challenge.

Emily Black most-watched video on her channel is 1 FALL = REMOVE 1 CLOTHING!! EXTREME FALL GUYS STR1P CHALLENGE

It reached over 2.3 million people over a period of a few days. The video featured one of her friends named Rhiannon Blue Taylor.

Emily Black YouTube Videos

Emily Black also worked with Toni Camille and her close Kira for a video “1 ELIMINATION = REMOVE 1 CLOTHING!! (Str1p Fall Guys Challenge)” which became the second most-watched video on her channel and gathered over 1.3 million views. It came out on September 02, 2020.

Emily Black Career, YouTube Videos & Net worth

In one of her videos, KSI said she would pass him because he has no facial hair. The video creator made a video in which she said smash to KSI and that she was not talking about that.

Emily Black British Model, Onlyfans Star, and Social Media Personality

“She said that KSI got all the wrong information because she didn’t watch her video but re-edited the video which was posted by an internet user.”

Some of her other famous videos are “Extreme Strip Minecraft Challenge”, “Ranking Sideman Body Transformations”, “Answering guys extreme questions for girls”, “I went on sideman Tinder”, “KSI vs. JAKE PAUL Music RANKED (The Truth)”, “Responding To Zerkaa & WillNE” and much more.

Emily Black Family, Parents & Siblings

You need to know a lot of facts about Emily Black.

Emily Black Wiki, Bio & Age
  • Emily told her audience in her first Q n A video that she lost her virginity at the age of 15.
  • “She told her viewers in one of her videos that she is a calm kind of person and doesn’t get mad very easily. She avoids beingjudgemental andolite in order to stay sane.”
Emily Black has 40 pet animals including a dog
  • Her celebrity crush is Kit Harington.
  • Emily likes to watch superhero films.
Emily Black has over 258+ K subscribers on YouTube as of April 2021
  • She is also a huge fan of the show.
  • Indonesia has jungles and islands and this internet star would like to explore them. She studied insects while at the University and wanted to see the different types present there.
Emily Black is a big fan of Harry Potter series
  • Emily suffers from severe arachnophobia, which is a fear ofspiders and Scorpios. It is weird for Emily because she has a pet.
  • She adores cheese cakes and donuts. The star ate 12 donuts in 20 minutes.
Emily Black has a white python named Bellatrix
Emily Black has a white python named Bellatrix
  • “A friend of Emily’s worked in an exotic pet shop and she has 40 pets in her house including snakes, dogs, cats, spiders, stick insects, rabbits, and more.”
  • The model named her white python after one of the fictional characters in the Harry Potter books, and she is a huge fan of the books.
Emily Black was born on April 09, 2000

Social Media & More

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Emily Blacky can be seen on YouTube.

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TikTok is by Itsemilyblackx.

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